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I was one of those women who thought I had a right to my body for any decisions I made 50 years ago. I now believe in science in many issues, including global warming, care of our environment, vaccinations to help defeat Covid-19 and its variations, evolution plus fetal development to mention a few.

I do believe in a freedom to choose if it does not take another human’s right to live. I believe women can succeed in this world and raise a family too. I believe women have the right to choose or choose not to get pregnant (sorry ladies, I wish men took more responsibility too). I do believe that women throughout history are the ones who have the greatest blessing/burden (depends on how one looks at life) to hold a family together. I do believe in the family unit where Mom and Dad share in the responsibility of raising children.

To quote from an article I read somewhere/sometime ago: “Those who support abortion talk in terms of the freedom to choose. They say a woman must be free to choose to do what she wants with her body, including abortion. Pregnancy is not an illness to be eliminated. While a child in the womb is totally dependent on its mother, the child is alive and must be treated as a human being. Offering a secular argument, even if the child wasn’t ‘human’ yet (I firmly believe it is a human being), one would not allow a woman to choose to cutoff a healthy arm. Why would we allow a woman to eliminate a healthy baby?”

The Heartbeat Bill in Texas is one that the mainstream media grapples with choosing only one side of the issue. When do coroners or doctors say life ends? Of course, when the heart stops beating. This is the same heart that began to beat before six weeks after conception. This is you and me! We all began the same way and needed nutrition and loving care before and after birth. This bill is a compromise, since science and people in the pro-life movement know that all human life begins at conception.

Responsibility, unfortunately, begins with the woman. We need to choose whether we want or don’t want to get pregnant. There are so many resources today to NOT get pregnant. Men have always been more aggressive in sexual intercourse than women. But today’s women seem to think they need to open their legs to “get a man.” Talk to millions of women and they will tell you that this is not the way. I have no idea how we, as the best of the sexes, can let men violate us and in the next breath, if they become pregnant, can let an abortionist force open our cervixes and remove “the product of conception,” which is our child who has different DNA and could be of another sex?

WAKE UP AMERICA! Abortion has been and continues to be a money-maker. Planned Parenthood has quotas for their employees who “counsel” pregnant women. Google: Abby Johnson, Caroline Strzesynski, Leana Wen, Annette Lancaster and Mayra Rodriguez to name a few. They worked for Planned Parenthood but wanted a true women’s health service and not abortion quotas. “Unplanned” is a book and movie that tells the true story of Abby Johnson. Educate yourself now!

Kathy Peters graduated with a Masters in Administration from the University of Rochester. She has had a total of 35 years in education as a teacher and administrator. She lives in Waterloo and has been married to Don for 52 years; they have three children, four grandchildren; and one great-granddaughter.

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