Netball NSW Unveils New Uniforms That Champion Inclusivity


Uniforms have long been central to sport, but in recent years it’s become apparent that those items of clothing we once believed to be intrinsic to fulfilling one’s sporting identity are outdated. It’s long been known that the clothes we wear have a direct impact on our confidence and sense of self, but in sport there’s a disconnect. Still, women’s uniforms are largely sexualised and for many, it’s far from inclusive. It makes a recent move by Netball Australia to unveil a new uniform cause for celebration. Just recently, Netball NSW unveiled a new range of apparel that offers players more flexibility and broadens the appeal of the game. The traditional netball dress might now be a thing of the past. 

The new range of on-court apparel options now include singlets, T-shirts, long-sleeve tops, shorts and compression wear, while the dress is also still available for those who want to wear them. In offering such an extensive range of choices, Netball NSW has presented players with a uniform that is in keeping with their gender identity and cultural background, something that has largely been absent from sport in the past. 

As Netball NSW CEO Tain Drinkwater explained to The Guardian, “Netball NSW believes that all participants should, as far as possible, be supported in wearing a uniform that allows them to participate in netball in the manner in which they feel most comfortable.”

Drinkwater added, “The key aim of this is to make sure we advance our position as a sport for people not just of all cultural backgrounds and gender identities, but all shapes and sizes too. It is clear that rigidity when it comes to clubs only allowing dresses is holding back our participation numbers.”

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