Aussie Model Koujayn on Finding Courage And Facing Fear Head-on


Husk dress, $549, bag, $189, slide, $389, and Husk + Alouette Jewels, from $99; Medecine Douce Jewels, from $189. Image: Georges Antoni for husk (supplied).

For 22-year-old model Koujayn, the most important thing in life is finding your courage. Here, the new face of Aussie label Husk talks about endorphin hits, bravery and why the thing you’re most afraid of doing is often what you need to do the most.

Mental Health Comes First

“In an industry like modelling, maintaining your mental health is really important. With the ever-changing schedules, being away from family and friends, and the stigma around body image, it’s so important not to compare yourself to others or try to fit into certain beauty standards.” 

Embrace Your Heritage

“My South Sudanese heritage means the world to me but growing up in Australia as a first-generation immigrant had its ups and downs. I faced bullying due to my skin colour, which made me hate the way I looked. But I realised my skin is my culture, my ancestry and a connection to those who came before me – it’s Divine.” 

Black Lives Still Matter

“As the months have passed from the height of the movement’s presence in Australia, we’re seeing it less across social media, but the message remains: Black Lives Matter.” 

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