Nearly 60% of Singapore women have low sexual function, says KKH in new study


As part of the study, the women were also interviewed on their personal details including age, ethnicity and marital status, pregnancy history and lifestyle habits, and had their physical activity and mental health assessed.

They were then provided with home pregnancy tests and were followed up with for up to one year as they attempted to conceive.

Results showed that 58.6 per cent of Asian women in Singapore displayed scores of less than 22, suggesting they’re at risk of female sexual dysfunction. 

Among the six items of sexual disorders examined, low sexual desire and rarely reaching orgasm were more commonly reported in these women, the study revealed

The study also found that compared to women with high sexual function, those with low sexual function saw their chances of conceiving within the year drop by 27 per cent.  

This drop can be attributed to these women having less sex due to “unpleasant sexual experience and difficulties with intimacy”, said researchers.

Psychological distress can also trigger hormonal imbalance, interfering with ovulation and thus delaying pregnancy, they added.


The study came amid an increase in Singapore in the reported rate of female sexual dysfunction – a phenomenon that has also been observed globally.

It affects many women in the reproductive age group, with more than 40 per cent suffering from it across the world, making it a “significant public health problem”, the study noted. 

KKH said that in the last three years, its Sexual Health Clinic has been managing an average of 90 new cases of the condition annually. 

The most common form of female sexual dysfunction is vaginismus, said the hospital.

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