ACT lockdown will end this week; New COVID-19 case in WA ‘no cause for alarm’; Victoria to entice healthcare workers from overseas; 360 new cases, five deaths in NSW


Western Australia Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery said a vaccine mandate for school staff has “not been ruled out” by the state.

Ms Ellery said a mandate is “under consideration”.

“I wouldn’t rule it out, we will continue to act on health advice,” she said.

“We know the impact of the Delta variation in particular on children and young people are significantly different to the first versions of the virus we saw.”

Ms Ellery said the government will continue to act on health advice when it comes to the vaccination of children.

“Right now, of course, under-12s are not eligible to be vaccinated,” she said.

“You would recall though, we already require vaccine certificates for enrolment in kindy and in school – that’s nothing new in schools.

“But right now, children under 12 are not eligible. We will continue to act on health advice and make changes to the requirements as the advice provides.”

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