Trevor Lawrence to Tim Tebow? All eyes are on the Jags


Another Sunday when the attention span is shorter than your high-noon shadow …

• Unitas to Berry. Namath to Maynard. Montana to Rice. Marino to Clayton.

Lawrence to Tebow?

You heard me.

In case you missed it (how dare you?), Trevor Lawrence threw a touchdown pass to a diving Tim Tebow during Jaguars practice Friday. Onlooking fans went wild, the internet spread the video, and I know what you’re thinking …

They’re not even in pads yet … Big deal, Timmy can catch … He’s still gonna be fourth or fifth on the tight-end depth chart … The gutters of Chicago are filled with guys who once caught TD passes in preseason workouts.

But it’s genuine excitement in Jacksonville, and that’s something. 

HEY WILLIE!:Jags and Urban Meyer fined by NFL and you’re OK with it? Shame on you!

Meanwhile, the Mets must have some amazing gym equipment throughout their minor-league system. You see Tebow’s arms? Looks more like a former lumberjack, not quarterback.

Tim Tebow wasn't just playing baseball in recent years. He was obviously a regular on Arm Day at the gym.

• The Cleveland Indians will next year become the Cleveland Guardians, but were once the Cleveland Naps and there’s a local connection there.

The history books call him Napoleon “Nap” Lajoie, but in reality he answered to “Larry.” Also in reality, he was such a baseball god of the early 20th century, a big-league baseball organization named its team after him.

The Cleveland Bronchos became the Cleveland Naps in 1903. The Cleveland Naps didn’t become the Cleveland Indians until Lajoie left in 2016 to play out the string in Philly. 

Anyway, Lajoie moved to Daytona Beach in retirement, living on Daytona Avenue, where he was often found on his front porch, smoking a pipe. He died at 84 in 1959, and if you’re into such things, you can find his cool headstone at the cemetery on the north side of Bellevue Avenue.

• Bronchos? Yes, Bronchos. Turns out, there’s an alternative spelling out there. Thanks, as always, to the Boys in Research.

• Right or wrong, most quality golf quotes are attributed to Lee Trevino, and here’s another, regarding playing under pressure: “Pressure is playing for five bucks with only two in your pocket.”

In this past week’s men’s Olympic golf tournament, Koreans Sungjae Im and Si Woo Kim might be playing for their careers. Korean men must serve two years of military service by age 35, with very, very few exceptions.

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