One Leisure gyms in Huntingdonshire expand availability


One Leisure gyms in Huntingdon, St Ives, Ramsey and St Neots have now relaxed more of their Covid 19 restrictions.  

The gyms have decided to no longer continue a one way in and out system, but are still encouraging customers to wear face masks and maintain a safe distance when walking around the centres.  

Every other machine in the gym before July 19 was not in use, to help maintain social distancing, however all the equipment is now in use.   

Cling Film has been removed from every other machine, so that more equipment can now be used again.

– Credit: Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC)

One Leisure is still asking people to not gather in groups and to continue to clean down gym equipment after use.  

A spokesman for One Leisure said: “We will continue to use the pre booking system as this has worked really well with customers.  

The gym will no longer continue with a formal one way system

The gym will no longer continue with a formal one way system, but asking people to maintain a safe distance when walking around the centres.

– Credit: Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC)

“There is no longer a need to queue up outside before your session. Where possible do not arrive more than five minutes before the start of your session.

“We will continue with some good practices including to have cleaning stations in the gym for customers to clean their machines before use.” 

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