With the reform of Meirelles Health Center, patients will be examined at new addresses


July 30, 2021 – 12:42
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The Men’s Health Care Center, for example, has been permanently moved to Jose Martinano de Alensar and Maternity Hospital, in the center of the capital.

Ancillary services at the Meirelles Health Center have been moved to other health units in Fortaleza. Changes are necessary due to the work that will be subject to the building, from which from August, NS Transferring equipment to a government pediatric specialty center.

The vaccination room in the Ceará Health Unit (SISA) is already closed. The volume directs residents to search for basic municipal health units to carry out seasonal (such as influenza) or permanent vaccination campaigns.

The Ostomized Health Care Program will remain temporarily operating in the same location, in a reserved location, until the new address is defined, which will be announced in advance by Sesa. More information about ostomy care can be requested by calling: (85) 3486 6274.

men’s health

The men’s healthcare center was permanently moved to the José Martiniano de Alencar Maternity Hospital (HMJMA), by Rede Sesa, located on Rua Princesa Isabel – 1526, in the center of the capital (corner with Avenida Domingos Olímpio).

The new structure also made it possible expand services. Patients being treated in the unit are referred by the ISIS center.

The service of assistance for children with allergies to cow’s milk protein operates temporarily at the Training Center of Professor Antonio de Albuquerque Souza Filho of the Department of Education of Ceará (Seduc), located in Rua Adolfo Moreira de Carvalho, s/n, in the Edson neighborhood of Queiroz.

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