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Halloween was maybe the only activity sartorially unaffected by Covid-19 last year. While indoor costume parties had to move to the backyard (with appropriate distance), there were plenty of face-covering outfits to make the occasion not feel too out of place. This year, the indoor costume party is back on, and while you’ve had a whole year to think of a creative pop-culture costume ideas, you’re probably just gonna buy something cheap at the last minute anyway. Some habits never change.

Sure, you can go online and figure out every single piece of Rip Wheeler’s Yellowstone wrangler outfit, or individually buy every bit of cloth to complete your Winter Soldier getup, but let’s be honest: you’re not going to do that. You just want an all-in-one purchase. This isn’t Martha Stewart craft hour. This is Halloween. And you’re just getting drunk in this costume anyway, so who cares?

Well we got you, fam. Here are 20 easy to buy and wear culturally-hip Halloween costumes.

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Falcon Costume

Falcon’s latest uniform upgrade doesn’t come with the shield. Let’s say you’re dressing as an earlier episode version of the reluctant hero.

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Maverick Flight Suit



Maybe you bought this one last year. Well, now the movie is finally coming out and you can stop wearing it by yourself on your lawnmower. 

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Maverick Bomber



Or go with Maverick’s bomber look.

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The Mandalorian



Stare vacantly at the other party guests through Mando’s visor. This is the way.

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As long as you have the horns, you can pretty much wear anything else now that the multiverse is here and there are … infinite Lokis.

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Mortal Kombat Costume

The movie was okay. The costume will never get old.

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Never has there been a more horrible hero. Make sure to bring some milk with you to the costume party. 

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The Deep



Or be a slightly less terrible supe and go as the Deep.

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Somewhat wasted in Black Widow, but totally awesome on Halloween.

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Red Guardian

This costume requires you to dress as David Harbour dressing as Red Guardian. 

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The Yellow M&M



TV shows and film franchises come and go, but the Yellow M&M is forever.

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Money Heist Suit

The only costume with which you can steal candy from people and stay in character.

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Peaky Blinders Suit

Countdown to season 6 of Peaky Blinders with a (fake) three-piece suit and peaked cap. Go all out and ask your barber for the cut. That’s a “textured crop.”

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Dress like a wrangler on the Dutton Yellowstone ranch. 

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RuPaul Lavender Bouffantastic Wig

Never not a fantastic choice.

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Karate Kid Red Cobra Kai Jacket

Karate Kid


Dress the part just in time for season 4.

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The Witcher

If you don’t come to the party accompanied by a singing bard, are you even a Witcher, bro?

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Tiger King

No introductions necessary. Is this costume already too 2020? Absolutely not.

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Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok



The show might be over, but the Viking spirit never dies.

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Adult Ferris Bueller

Not up to date with today’s pop culture? Choose a classic. Or just skip the whole thing and stay home and eat your own candy.

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