Expert answers the right amount of ghee you must have


Ghee or clarified butter is a staple in Indian cuisine, commonly used for cooking and enhancing the flavour. It has now gained popularity in other parts of the world and is a healthier alternative to butter.

Rujuta recommends adding ghee to your food in proportion. It all depends on the quantity and type of food you are making. If you are having millet then add more ghee, but if it is rice and dal add a little bit of ghee in it. “You must add enough ghee to enhance the flavour, but not too much that it masks all the other flavour,” she said.

Ghee should also be added to your child’s food once they start eating solids. Four to five teaspoons of ghee in a bowl of food are good for your child’s health once they turn seven-month-old. Once they turn a year old, half a teaspoon of ghee is enough for them.

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