COVID live updates: One third of COVID patients in NSW ICU aged under 50 years


Today’s case numbers and press conference times

If you don’t see details for your state or territory yet, don’t worry — press conferences don’t always take place, and some case numbers aren’t released until later in the afternoon.

New South Wales

Case numbers: 239 new COVID-19 cases


Case numbers: Seven new local cases — six were linked to known cases and had been in isolation, the other was a drive through testing site traffic controller whose positive result was reported yesterday


Case numbers: No new local cases, 59 or the 62 people at the hostel yesterday’s new local case visited have tested negative for the virus. 

South Australia

Case numbers: Two new cases, both in isolation for their entire infectious period 

Australian Capital Territory

Case numbers: 0 new cases 

Western Australia

Case numbers: Six new cases, all of which were announced yesterday outside the reporting period and are from the bulk carrier MV Darya Krishna

Northern Territory

Case numbers:


Case numbers:

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