UNM reinstating mask mandate for Health Science Center buildings


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Starting tomorrow, people will have to start wearing masks in all UNM Health Sciences Center buildings. This comes as officials are monitoring the widespread delta variant of COVID-19.

Some vaccinated people say they are still choosing to wear a mask indoors when in public, as health officials are monitoring the widespread delta variant of COVID-19. UNM’s Health Sciences Center has just announced it will start requiring masks in all of its buildings, starting Monday. It already requires them in all health system and clinical areas. 

Some people KRQE talked to support this decision to help stop the spread of the virus.

“I’m concerned because people who are fully vaccinated are getting it. They’re not getting as sick I have heard but if they’re getting it that means they can spread it to people who aren’t vaccinated which means this thing is just going to kind of keep going and keep going,” shares Ann Hyland.

The new mandate does not apply to other areas of the UNM campus. Spokesperson Mark Rudi shares this move is a way to help stop potential spread of COVID as faculty, staff and students move between clinical and other educational areas. “It’s a little nerve-wracking honestly about the delta variant,” says UNM student Jeanie Diep. 

The reinstated mask mandate comes as UNM is offering a $100 incentive for students to get vaccinated as part of its 100-percent Vax the Pack goal. The university is offering money to Lobos who can prove they’re fully vaccinated.

“For young adults, small incentives – as small as one hundred dollars increase their desire to get a vaccine at a pretty high rate,” says Political Science Professor, Gabriel Sanchez.

Officials tell KRQE 93% of UNM health employees are vaccinated after doing a 10-day challenge aiming to get all staff to get the shot.

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