21 Group Costume Ideas to Wear on Halloween 2021


While our beloved Halloween parties had to sit out last year—costumes replaced by masks and trick-or-treating unsafe—2021 is looking hopeful. If all goes well, we’ll be back at our October gatherings celebrating our favorite spooky night of the year. And although we can’t make any promises, we can get you and your friends ready for the festivities with some cool group costume ideas.

People always appreciate a group effort on Halloween costumes—especially when there are so many ways to go. From superheroes to TV criminals to your favorite meals, we’ve compiled a list of options that’ll be perfect for you and your crew to make a grand entrance. Reactions to these costumes can range anywhere from blank stares to laughs at their absurdity. That said, if there’s any night where your outfit sparks jokes or ridicule, Halloween is the one.

Gather your group and send them these options. A few of them will require a bit of creativity, but that’s what groups are for, right? With the right coordination from everyone participating, the crowd is sure to go home with a new set of #SquadGoals.

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