COVID Isn’t The Only Virus Spreading Among Kids


Medical experts are growing increasingly concerned about these viruses as schools are set to open in just over a month.

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COVID-19 is not the only virus that is spreading to children. When the pandemic first started, parents were extremely worried about their children and making sure that they did not get ill from the virus. They made sure to keep them distanced from others, they wore masks and all public health guidelines were followed to make sure their risk remained low. However, with thoughts being so focused on COVID-19 and the impact that can have, parents may have eased their guard against other viruses that can be just as dangerous to children.

According to NBC News and Today, children are ending up in the ICU due to COVID-19, but that is not all. There are other viruses that are causing children to take up these beds, and they include respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and croup. As the summer season gets closer to the middle, these cases are increasing in children.

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What is unique about this is that RSV and croup are typically seen in the winter, and are known as “winter viruses,” but they are affecting children now. This serves as a great reminder to parents to remain vigilant about their child’s health and wellbeing.

Medical experts are growing increasingly concerned about these viruses as schools are set to open in just over a month. They are concerned with these viruses spreading, as well as the COVID-19 virus. Children under the age of 12 cannot receive the vaccine yet, and a lot of schools have stated that they will not be enforcing mask use among their students, even if students are not vaccinated. Dr. Kristin Moffitt is an infectious disease physician at Boston Children’s Hospital, and she stated that they are all “bracing” for what they believe will come in September when it comes to respiratory illnesses in children.

RSV can be incredibly dangerous to young infants and children, and it is spread through respiratory droplets. It can lead to pneumonia and bronchiolitis, which is an inflammation of the airways in the lungs. Since this is not a virus that is typically seen in the summer, it worries experts that this may indicate the winter may be worse. When they get to the height of flu and RSV season, there may be a surge in cases. This is a sign to continue urging your children to maintain good hygiene skills, like washing their hands and covering their mouth when they cough or sneeze.

Sources: NBC News, Today

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