Magic Johnson Shared a Clip of His Chest Day Warmup and Workout


Basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson might currently be on vacation, sailing around the Mediterranean with his family, but he is still carving out time for his workouts. Which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the 61-year-old athlete, who has stayed in incredible shape since retiring from the NBA, no matter where he is—even at sea.

Last month, the former point guard and Dream Team star posted doing bicep curls on the deck of his yacht, and he just followed it up with a series of video clips on Instagram (look like they were shot below deck on the boat, if that porthole is anything to go by), offering up a slightly more detailed glimpse of his training—including that all-important warmup routine.

“I always start my day off stretching with Jessica before heading into my workout with my trainer Sven,” Johnson wrote in the caption. “Today was chest with an hour of cardio.”

The footage shows some mobility-aiding stretches (especially important for guys over 40), followed by a clip of Magic churning out the reps during a set on the bench press, before moving onto cable flys and assisted hanging knee raises. This was all set to a killer workout playlist, including the disco classic “Got to Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn.

And Magic’s exertion didn’t go unnoticed; NBA player Aaron Williams was one of nearly a thousand people expressing their approval in the comments, posting a succession of muscle emojis.

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