‘Loki’ Almost Included Lots of Bisexual, Alien Sex Scenes


Marvel Studios’ Loki series gave fans plenty of wild stuff to chew on over its first season—but it turns out, we were actually watching a pared down, streamlined version of the creators’ original ideas.

In the latest installment of Assembled, the Marvel Studios series of documentaries following the making of its Disney+ shows, the team behind Loki share some of their experiences of writing and directing the character—and one moment in particular has caught viewers’ attention.

In a still of the writers room, head writer Michael Waldron is pictured in front of a giant whiteboard with story ideas and themes for the series outlined. In one list of possible moments that were initially planned for a montage sequence, Waldron envisioned Loki “doing crazy mischief aka sex.” Considering Loki is known throughout both the MCU and the fandom as the God of Mischief, and given that Tom Hiddleston has a lot of very loyal and thirsty fans, this was a pretty shrewd idea.

But it gets even more interesting. Further down the list, Waldron wrote: “More sex. Bi, alien, etc.”


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The series has made it canon that the character of Loki is both gender-fluid and bisexual (or possibly pansexual), something that has been true in the comics for a while. However, while Loki’s coming out was welcomed by queer Marvel fans, his queerness was never mentioned again.

The character ultimately expressed romantic feelings for Sylvie, a female variant of himself from a different timeline. Some viewers felt this pairing was incestuous, while others compared it to self-love. Either way, it was very much a classic entry in the man-and-woman couple genre.

It remains to be seen whether Loki’s queerness will be explored any further in season two, which has yet to be written. And while Marvel properties have generally fallen short when it comes to portraying romance and sexuality, it’s at least good to know that the writers of Loki felt it would be in-character for him to wild out on the show—even if we never actually got to see it.

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