Is He-Man Dead? Does Masters of the Universe: Revelation Kill He-Man Twice?


Netflix’s He-Man reboot, dubbed Masters of the Universe: Revelation, takes an interesting approach to introducing its supposed main character. Over the course of five episodes, the all-powerful hero Prince Adam/He-Man (Chris Wood) dies…twice. The first death is in episode one, when he invokes the Sword of Power to stop his archenemy Skeletor (Mark Hamill) from becoming a Master of the Universe, killing himself and Skeletor in the process. It also removes power from Eternia, the living world all the main characters inhabit. The focus of the show now falls onto Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar), He-Man’s best friend, and Castle Grayskull’s former Man-At-Arms.

Joined by friends, enemies (including Lena Headey’s Evil-Lyn…this voice cast is really something else), and Teela’s new partner Andra (Tiffany Smith), Teela works to bring He-Man back. It’s an endearing way to show He-Man isn’t the only one capable of saving Eternia. The crew manages to find Adam/He-Man in Preternia AKA Heaven. After Teela and Adam reunite, the crew returns to the world of the living and Adam once again invokes the Sword of Power. Everything is going well, the power is coursing through his veins and then…Skeletor is also revived with the Sword. He stabs Adam literally in the back and takes the Sword of Power for himself. The season ends with Teela kneeling over Adam, who’s bleeding and fading fast. Things aren’t looking good.

So now everyone is back to square one, and there’s a rejuvenated Skeletor out for revenge. Is there any hope for our hapless heroes? And is He-Man really dead? We’ve got the answer below.

Is He-Man Dead in Masters of the Universe?

Okay, so we lied a little. We don’t know 100 percent if He-Man is alive. He appeared to still be breathing by the final scene, but even if he does die, there’s still hope.

The first time Adam died, he was sent to Preternia, where famous warriors go to spend their afterlives in paradise. Teela and the gang managed to find him and return him to the living, but before he left Preternia, King Grayskull (Dennis Haybert) warned Adam there was no coming back to Preternia. Paradise only comes once in a lifetime, it seems.

But hey, He-Man is the one we all tuned in to see right? It’s possible there’s another place non-warriors go when they die, offering a new location Teela will have to retrieve Adam from. And of course, if he’s still alive, it’s possible the revival of magic in Eternia will bring with it a deus ex machina way to heal his wounds and bring back his He-Man powers.

Regardless, Teela is going to have a lot more work to do when Masters of the Universe: Revelation returns.

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