Who Is the Narrator of Sexy Beasts? Comedian Rob Delaney Narrates Netflix Show


Based on the British television series of the same name and concept—singles wear prosthetic makeup on a round of speed dates before choosing a partner, blind to their actual physical features—Sexy Beasts roars and bleats and falcon cries onto American Netflix. The new version of the series features six singles and six episodes. It won’t take long to watch, but it will take eternity to forget.

Like Netflix’s previous dating (?) hit (?) series Too Hot to Handle, Sexy Beasts is narrated by a comedian who provides sustained snark throughout the episodes, though with considerably more animal jokes and considerably less to talk about. He does his best. The episodes follow one heterosexual single, dressed as an animal, working his/her way through a bracket of three other singles, also dressed as animals. The lead eliminates one after the first date (that person is then revealed … to be hot), they then eliminate a second person after the second date (who is then revealed … to be hot), and the last animal-person chosen wins the pleasure of maybe but probably not going on another date with the lead bachelor/bachelorette. And then the two of them are revealed … to be hot. (The fairytale can only end satisfactorily if the frog turns into a hunk.)

Anyway, here’s a look at the comedian tasked with turning stupid into funny.

Who narrates Netflix’s Sexy Beasts?

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Sexy Beasts is hosted/narrated by writer/comedian/actor Rob Delaney. He wrote and appeared on the show Catastrophe, though fans will probably recognize his voice from appearing occasionally in movies like Deadpool 2, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, and Bombshell. He’s also set to appear in Mission Impossible 7.

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The tragedy of only seeing Delaney’s voice: we can’t gaze at his magnificent mustache.

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