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£25,500 is on it’s way 🎉

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Cash Call is back…oh how we missed the anticipation of those five rings 🙌

After two failed attempts on Friday and Monday, we finally had a winner last night! Congratulations to Dorothea from Belfast, who is still in complete shock 12 hours laters.

“I was in my kitchen making dinner and just happened to notice my phone ringing. I was actually waiting on a call from a repair guy about my fridge that’s broken, so I really wasn’t prepared to hear John Kearns on the other end of the phone.”

After the call, poor Dorothea still didn’t believe it was true. “I have already been pranked before with someone letting on I’d missed the cash call before. We were bouncing up and down in the kitchen before, so I was totally caught off guard this time round.”

£25,500 is an incredible sum of money to win in just one call. And this money is going to help Dorothea and her family greatly.

“Winning that sum of money is unbelievable to me, I don’t even know where to start. First things first, I won’t need the repair guy anymore, I think I’ll buy a new fridge. Then use the rest to pay off debt and share it between my kids.”

How would you splash the cash if you got the call?

1. A Luxury Holiday

This is pretty much everyone’s first thought at the moment – where and when can we safely go travelling this year? If you were to win, at least you’ll be one step closer to booking a once in a lifetime trip. You just have to pick your destination.

2. Put Down A Deposit On Your Dream Home

Struggling to save for a deposit each month? We understand, but perhaps now you can start shopping for your forever home.

3. Go On A MAJOR Shopping Spree

As soon as the money drops into your account, you’ll be the first-person hitting Victoria Square. No more shopping in Primark, you’ll be queuing for Flannels now.

4. Buy A Flashy New Car

How does a fresh set of wheels sound? Your mates will be green with envy as you pull up in your fresh new whip, just don’t forget to invest in good car insurance.

5. Build Your Own Home Gym

Has fitness been your survival method during the pandemic? Well, why not purchase some handy at-home gym equipment. It’s not just about physical training, this can be a real mental health lifesaver too.

6. Pay Off Your Debts

From university fees to mortgages, we’ve all got them. Say goodbye to stressing each month!

7. Book A Cruise

Why not take enjoy a calming sail around the gorgeous Mediterranean, or the enchanting Caribbean. You’ll have quite a bit of spending money left over too.

8. Throw A MAJOR Party

Of course when it’s safe to do so, why not throw one heck of a party for all your friends and family to celebrate. We’re talking champagne on ice, confetti cannons and a DJ.

9. Add It To Your Wedding Budget

Weddings are expensive! You’ve got to find the perfect venue, flowers, rings, food and that’s before you even think about the dress. Plan your dream wedding with a little extra cash from Cool FM and Downtown.

10. Make A Charitable Donation

It’s been a tough year for so many, you might want to share your wealth with a charity or cause that’s close to your heart.

11. Split It Between Your Family

What better way to say I love you, than with a generous gift like this. You might even know a friend or colleague who would benefit from a little extra cash at the moment.

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