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We should all be surprised by the shenanigans going on within the Tennessee Department of Health. Sad to say, but we’re not. But we are infuriated, as every clear-thinking Tennessean should be.

The TDH confirmed Wednesday what had been reported earlier in the week that it has stopped its adolescent vaccine outreach programs that have no relation to COVID-19.

In a statement to CNN, spokeswoman Sarah Tanksley said, “We recognize where we are around the national conversation around vaccinations and it is a polarized conversation, and that is true in our state. And so we’re just taking this opportunity to evaluate our messaging and to ensure that we’re not hurting our efforts.”

So here we are, the state of Tennessee politicizing and questioning good, sound public health policy. In the process this administration — and yes, this goes all the way to the governor’s office — is risking the health and lives of the young people of this state.

And to what end? Seriously, what is to be accomplished, even politically, by making a decision with zero medical or scientific support?

Understandably, the medical community doesn’t support this move. Medical professionals have pushed back, yet their pleas for reason continue to fall on deaf ears.

Politicians know best, right? They’re serving the best interest of the people, right?

Not in this case. Their pressure on the TDH to halt the vaccination outreach program isn’t in anyone’s best interest, least of all those who have no say — our children.

This is beyond shameful. It is dangerous and potentially deadly.

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