Get tough with unvaccinated, abortion protesters are clueless zealots


The unvaccinated are perpetuating pandemic

On July 15, the number of patients infected with COVID-19 at Sarasota Memorial Hospital was 25, up from 5 just one month ago.

The seven-day average of positive COVID tests at the hospital was 7.5%, up from 1.6% last month.

State rates of COVID have also risen dramatically, almost entirely among the unvaccinated.  Continuing this pandemic requires unvaccinated persons. 

Anyone has the right to experience the infection themselves, but these unvaccinated persons infect others before they even know they are ill and thus perpetuate the pandemic.  

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It is time to stop being nice to those who choose to infect others. The unvaccinated are the reason we all continue to experience the economic, social and physical consequences of COVID.

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