Boitier’s new cupboard is designed to conceal your Peloton


It’s certainly no secret that our living rooms have taken on a host of diverse roles over the past year and a half. From an office to a school to a disco for one – and in many cases – a home gym. Though, while some equipment is seamlessly easy to hide away once the work-out is complete, others are not so much

We may have the best exercise bikes covered; we can’t just roll away our equipment as easily we do with our yoga mats. However, now, we don’t have to roll them or hide them because a new company, Boitier, has answered our home decor prayers. Yes, the home gym idea of the millennium has emerged, in the shape of an ultra-chic storage unit. 

(Image credit: Boitier)

The New Orleans-based manufacturers, who are expected to launch in the late summer, have designed a stylish cupboard that looks like a conventional unit from its exterior. However, its interiors will help up reclaim our living rooms after months of tripping over our equipment. We are approaching house party season, after all.

The new cupboard opens up as a storage space for large stationary gym equipment, including bikes, such as the sought-after Peloton. The rich tones of the cupboards’ versatile cherrywood shell may deceive us into believing it is a conventional unit, yet its discreet side drawer conceals your equipment, so you can get on with hosting, dancing, or working, perhaps. 

Boitier cupboard hiding a bike in a living room

(Image credit: Boitier)

While it is hard to imagine a cupboard that can house our equipment, Boitier curated these furnishings to ensure they are compatible with major home exercise bikes, while the outer shelves offer further storage room for smaller gym accessories or other decor pieces. The unit measures 30 inches deep and 72 inches tall while taking just over 9 feet of space when completely opened. 

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