‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Release Date


Paramount Network’s Yellowstone left fans on the edge with its season 3 cliffhanger. Last we saw the Dutton family, their lives were at stake. A bomb detonated in Beth’s office, and both Kayce and John were shot. With various characters in peril, fans are eager to know who will survive into the next season.

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family, headed by the patriarch John (Kevin Costner). With his children and workers, John seeks to protect his ranch (the largest contiguous ranch in the United States) at all costs.

The show is so popular it’s getting not one but two spinoffs, according to Deadline and TVLine. One, a prequel called Y:1883, and another called 6666. While Y:1883 will probably surround the Dutton family’s beginnings, 6666 will focus on a brand new ranch, this time in West Texas. Back during the Super Bowl, Paramount Network released a teaser for Y:1883. So fans waiting for more Yellowstone won’t just get the original, but a whole slew of new content sometime in the near future.

See below for when we can expect the Dutton family’s return.

When Will Yellowstone Season 4 Premiere?

Although the show usually returns in the summer, Deadline reports the show will have a fall release this year, sometime around November.

Despite the delay, a teaser for the upcoming season is already out, with the tagline, “Revenge is worth the wait.” The video reminds viewers of the action-packed third season, and all the bloodshed from the finale.

In the meantime, Kevin Costner admits he too is excited for fans to see the upcoming season. In a recent Instagram post, the actor posted a photo of his character on the ranch, saying he was “Missing Yellowstone Ranch today.”

Us too, Costner. Us too.

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