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SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) – A small local business is getting creative and making sure the city of Springfield is being recognized in the sports world.

They made the decision after the Boston Red Sox recently unveiled new hats featuring area codes from around the Baystate, but local area code 4-1-3 was left out.

David Barnett and Bobbie Grimes, two Springfield natives, take pride in their city.

They were bothered after noticing the Boston Red Sox baseball cap has a number of Massachusetts area codes on them, but not Western Mass’.

“We kind of felt a little bit disrespected by Boston not putting 413 in there, so we were like we got to come up with something for this,” said Barnett and Grimes.

Taking matters into their own hands, they teamed up to create the “Hall of Fresh” logo- branding of the area code 4-1-3 and I-91 on the attire.

“We’re the home of the Hall of fame, we wanted to be fresh,” said the duo.

They continued on to say, “We got a bunch of people in Massachusetts that got overlooked in that hat idea, and represent them all, not only in Springfield but in Holyoke, and everywhere else. We got stars out here and we want to bring light to that.”

From hats, to t-shirts, to sweatshirts, one local customer says it was a no brainer purchase.

“Mr. Barnett stepped in and saved the day for our town. I feel like we were left out and he put us on the map with the 413 Hall of Fresh brand,” said Herman Pittman.

Pittman says though not included this time, it’s important for the 4-1-3 to be recognized in the city of Boston.

“It’s the basketball world, we’re the home of the Hall of Fame. Springfield definitely, and without that recognition sometimes it really affects the city,” said Pittman.

To buy 4-1-3, Hall of Fresh attire head to their Facebook page. 

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