8 most expensive rehab centres in the world


In a world where we are often faced with umpteen challenges, there comes a time when many — especially those living their lives under immense scrutiny — break down. With the advent of social media and the willingness to spread the word, talking about mental health and addictions is no longer taboo. People are constantly urged to ask for help if and when required. Numerous rehab centres all over the world aim to provide their clients with holistic and long-lasting recovery processes. Here’s a look at some of the world’s most expensive rehab centres.   

Most expensive rehab centres in the world —

AToN Center, California, US 

Image: Courtesy AToN Center

 With highly-trained psychologists and recovery personnel on payroll, the rehab sanctuary functions at a 1:2 clinician to resident ratio for those seeking to recover from drug and alcohol misuse. AToN Center only accommodates 12 people at a time in its verdant centre. The facility takes into account each resident’s needs and co-occurring mental health diagnoses (if any) to offer a host of treatment methods to meet these needs. Their recovery programs also include daily individual therapy and weekly off-site exposure activities. Patients can enjoy the on-site gym, sand volleyball court, freshwater pool and spa, fountains, barbecue, fire pit, outdoor shower, sauna with a 360-degree view, and organic meals.  

Hazelden Betty Ford, California, US 

Hazelden Betty Ford, California, US
Image: Courtesy Hazelden Betty Ford

With over 30 years of addiction treatment experience, Hazelden Betty Ford Center is one of the most successful addiction recovery organisations in the United States. With an 80 percent rate of recovery, the rehab centre has catered to the needs of celebrities like Keith Urban, Stevie Nicks, Ozzy Osbourne, and the late Elizabeth Taylor. Apart from their evidence-based treatment, patients can also access the 20-acre grounds, mountain and desert views, outdoor swimming pool, dieticians, chemical dependency technicians and a gym with personal trainers. 

The Sanctuary Byron Bay, Australia 

The Sanctuary Byron Bay, Australia 
Image: Courtesy Sanctuary Byron Bay

A luxury, private therapeutic retreat and rehabilitation centre treating both addictions and mental health, The Sanctuary Byron Bay treats alcoholismdrug addictionsanxietydepression, grief, traumaeating disorders and chronic pain. Aptly located in the picturesque environs of eastern Australia, this facility offers each client a personal fitness instructor, a beachfront bungalow, a private chef, a chauffeured limousine, and much more. Its well-renowned naturopathic alcoholism treatment program combines the best of all worlds with meditation, yoga, shiatsu, and Western therapy methods. 

Paracelsus Recovery, Zürich, Switzerland 

Paracelsus Recovery, Zürich, Switzerland
Image: Courtesy Paracelsus Recovery Swiss Luxury Rehab/Facebook

Known to be one of the most expensive rehab centres in the world, Paracelsus‘ clientele mostly consists of royalty, politicians, oligarchs, business tycoons and A-list celebrities. Along with lake-front penthouses in Zurich, clients are provided with 24/7 limousine transportation, a personal chef, a butler, a concierge, and a live-in therapist. They can also indulge in various activities like tennis, yoga, martial arts, weightlifting, massage and more. 

The Meadows, Arizona, US 

The Meadows, Arizona, US
Image: Courtesy The Meadows

With its serene surroundings, fountains and wide-open spaces, this Sonoran Desert hideaway treats many conditions ranging from addictions to mental health issues. The Meadows offers a 45-day inpatient program and a series of one-week workshops, primarily for trauma survivors. Apart from its recovery programs, the desert rehab retreat offers a host of wellness activities and alternative therapies — like t’ai chi, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and equine therapy — to its patients. Its celebrity clientele list includes names like Tiger Woods. 

RósGlas Recovery, Dublin, Ireland   

RósGlas Recovery, Dublin, Ireland
Image: Courtesy RósGlas Recovery

Located in a luxurious Irish setting, RósGlas Recovery is a  boutique luxury rehab centre known to treat only one client at a time — whether it be for addictions, eating disorders or psychological issues. Each recovery program is personalised according to the patient’s needs. Apart from this, the patient is also provided with 6-8 hours of psychological and complementary therapy, a five-star private residence, a personal butler, a 24/7 live-in therapist, a chef and a driver. RósGlas Recovery provides undivided care and attention along with ensuring absolute discretion and privacy.  

Ibiza Calm, Ibiza, Spain 

Expensive Rehab Centres: Ibiza Calm, Ibiza, Spain
Image: Courtesy Ibiza Calm

Located in the heart of an idyllic Ibiza, the eight acres Mediterranean house sits snugly amidst nature. Well-renowned for its personalised addiction and rehab treatment, Ibiza Calm does not take more than 10-11 patients at a time. They treat various behavioural addictions, mental health problems and substance abuse issues through counselling, mindfulness, detoxification, group psychotherapy, yoga and meditation. All the fitness and nutritional plans are customised for every patient. In addition to all this, clients can also make the most of the pool, lush garden with flowers and palm trees, fitness equipment and outdoor dining.  

Physis Recovery 

 Physis Recovery
Image: Courtesy Physis Recovery

With locations in four premier destinations — Portugal, Marbella, Mallorca, and Antigua — Physis Recovery uses scientific and holistic approaches to support their patients. Clients can undergo a variety of treatments such as intense psychotherapy, biochemical restoration, orthomolecular medicine, physical restoration, stem cell therapy, and biopharmaceutical treatment. The expensive rehab also offers a private yacht, horse riding, spearfishing, equine therapy on the beach, apnea freediving and Robinsoe Crusoe adventures on deserted islands.  

Main and Featured image: Courtesy Ibiza Calm

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