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Paralympic Fiji is excited about going to the Paralympic Games in Japan after the Summer Olympics next month.

Fiji rep Iosefo Rakesa will represent Fiji in the shot put and he is coached by Freddy Fatiaki who coached former government assistant minister Iliesa Delana to Fiji’s lone Paralympics gold medal win.

Fatiaki said Rakesa’s qualification promoted Fiji and PF athletes to the rest of the world.

“It is in a way promoting Paralympic sports in the country,” the Nausoribased former national rep turned coach said.

Fatiaki is training Rakesa to the games after taking over from former coach and former national athletics rep Albert Miller.

“We are in this difficult COVID-19 lockdown situation and because of the difficulties in travelling and restriction of training, we have moved our training venue from Vatuwaqa to Nausori.

“We have a compound that can allow Rakesa to train since sports had been stopped from participation and preparation.

“We will train for two months before we leave in August for Japan.

“We are using the resources that we have to train, and seek help from individuals or corporate organisations to help train Rakesa.

“We do not have the proper gym equipment and we cannot train in a gym.

“We are using resources such as the yaqona metal pounder and light weights to help with his training.

“We also seek help in his diet and what to eat to help him throw better during training to prepare for the games. “We are hoping for the lockdown to ease off a bit so that we can prepare well.” Fatiaki said Rakesa had the potential to win a medal, and they had been working hard to get him in tiptop form before leaving for Japan. “Before I left with Delana in our last win, I said that we would win a medal. I have the same feeling now that we will do well, but this time I am confi dent that we will return with a better result than the last time,” Fatiaki said.

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