Yankees equipment truck had funny accident at Fenway Park


The New York Yankees did not have a weekend to remember at Fenway Park, and it was capped off by an accident involving the team’s equipment truck.

According to Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe, the Yankees’ equipment truck ran into the garage door while attempting to leave Fenway Park and wound up stuck inside.

That about sums up the Yankees’ weekend in Boston. They were swept in ugly fashion by the Red Sox, scoring just seven runs in three games against their rivals. Gerrit Cole gave up six runs in five innings in Sunday’s series finale, raising questions about his spin rate and whether his previous success was linked to foreign substances.

This has been an immensely frustrating season for the Yankees, who now sit just three games above .500. It’s started to show in recent weeks, too. When things like this are happening, it might just not be their year.

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