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Nagpur: The Covid-induced changed lifestyle for more than 18 months has started showing its effects on the hormonal health of children in their growth age. Paediatricians are seeing increasing cases of children aged between 8-12 years who have gained excess weight during lockdown, and are now suffering from hormonal imbalance.
Paediatric endocrinologist Dr Hari Mangtani said, “There are two aspects of growth — psychological and physical. We have had a lot of discussion on the psychological aspect of growth during Covid-19 phase. On the other hand, majority of parents believe that their kids are growing well physically as they are under supervision all the time. This overconfidence proved wrong.”
Dr Mangtani added, “While staying at home without regular physical activity, many kids have become obese. This has resulted in hormonal imbalance in their crucial growth years.”
According to him, girls particularly undergo ill-effects of this hormonal imbalance in the long term. “Boys may develop insulin resistance syndrome while girls suffer from PCOD and other ailments,” he said.
Endocrinologist Dr Himanshu Patil said that hormonal imbalance is also resulting into obesity. “Excess secretion of thyroid results in obesity. Children can hardly express it, but they are under tremendous stress due to the disturbed lifestyle. They need playgrounds, activities, friends for complete growth,” he said.
Dr Patil said that children in the 8-10 years age group gaining excessive weight need to be looked after carefully. “If a child is gaining excessive weight despite cycling, running, yoga, exercise and good food habits, endocrinologist should be consulted,” he added.
It is important that parents eliminate the possibility of hormonal imbalance in kids by bringing this issue to their paediatrician’s attention, or speak to a growth specialist. “We do have treatment options available and ideally, children should get the treatment early so that they can catch up with their peers. But bringing life back to normalcy is the most important factor,” said Dr Mangtani.
According to paediatrician Dr Sanjeev Joshi, teenagers who see major hormonal changes should get vaccinated and be allowed to lead normal life. “Paediatric vaccine trials are going on in full swing. Vaccine for kids is going to be the key for moving towards normalcy. Growing together, being with friends is the most important part of social and physical development of kids. We must bring it back to them,” said Dr Joshi.
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