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Brace yourself. Simone Biles’ boyfriend Jonathan Owens, who plays safety for the Houston Texans, didn’t know who she was before they started dating. The most decorated gymnast of all time? Nope, he’d never heard of her. “I didn’t know who she was,” Jonathan told Texas Monthly. But unsurprisingly, Simone took it well. “I just hadn’t heard of her, and when I told her that, that’s one of the things she liked.”

Since the couple first crossed paths in the summer of 2020, Jonathan’s caught up on the hype around his GF and become one of Simone’s biggest supporters. Plus, it helps that he’s an athlete, too. He gets her dedication to training and her demanding schedule. “He’s always, always so helpful and making sure I stay on top of my therapy and all of that,” Simone told People. “He’s the best because he also goes through it [as an athlete], so he knows exactly how it is in the process. It’s been amazing to have him.”

But even with all the gushing during interviews, Simone’s gotten candid about their arguments, too. And what else would arguments be about if not sports? “…We definitely get in fights all the time about which sport is harder, and it just makes us really angry so we try not to talk about it,” Simone said on E!’s Daily Pop. “We’re always supporting each other. But then, at the end of the day, we’re still people.” And while Jonathan might think football is more demanding, he’s made his admiration for Simone’s sport clear, tweeting earlier this month about how much respect he has for gymnasts and calling them “true athletes no doubt.”

Given how uncommon it is for celebrities to open up about the realities of their relationship, including disagreements, it’s not unusual if you’re itching to know more. Well, that’s where body language expert Karen Donaldson comes in. Ahead, she’s analyzed photos of the couple and revealed what it means for their relationship in the long term.

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Simone’s proud to be with Jonathan.

While you might take Simone’s big smile and arms wrapped around Jonathan’s waist as indications that she’s into him, it’s actually her toes that are doing most of the talking. The feet tell you what someone’s thinking about, and Simone’s are turned completely toward Jonathan. She’s telling Jonathan and anyone looking that he’s hers, says Donaldson.

It also doesn’t hurt that there is, like, zero space between the two of them, and Jonathan has an arm wrapped around Simone’s lower back. She’s standing upright so she doesn’t need his support, but it’s his way of showing that he’s got her back (literally and figuratively!). He’ll be there for her if and when she needs him to be.


They’re not short on the romance.

“In this image, Jonathan is super touchy. He encases Simone with most of his body, signalling ‘protector’ and the way in which his face makes contact with her upper body tells us that he adores her,” explains Donaldson. His hands on her thighs are also a good sign since the thigh area is an erogenous zone—a.k.a. intimate areas that we only let the people we trust most touch.


When they’re together, it’s like no one else exists.

You probably don’t need a breakdown for this one, but here it is anyway: They’re into each other, plain and simple.

“The level of sexual attraction between Simone and Jonathan is clearly high,” says Donaldson. “In this image they are publicly declaring and showcasing their physical attraction to one another. Jonathan’s eyes are closed which tells us he’s blocking out the world and wants to be as present in the moment as possible.”


They have similar goals.

When it comes to the being-famous-athletes thing, Simone and Jonathan are obviously on the same page, but this body language reveals they connect in more ways than just working in similar industries. “This is a bonding pose and gesture,” says Donaldson. Their heads touching reveals Simone and Jonathan have similar mindsets and goals for the future that go beyond gymnastics and football.

Donaldson also points out that Jonathan is holding Simone to him. Now that they’re together, he doesn’t want that changing anytime soon. These two are in it for the long haul.


They know how to keep things playful and light.

“When it comes to body language, the lower the hand placement on your partners body, the higher the physical attraction,” says Donaldson about Simone’s hand on Jonathan’s chest.

And as for his hand on her butt, it might, at first glance, seem like Jonathan’s “claiming territory,” but it’s not like that at all. The smiles are what reveal what’s really going on, says Donaldson. The two are just being playful here, she says. Simone is her own person in this relationship, and Jonathan is here for that.

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