Smash of a Sale: Vehicle crashes into Victoria, B.C. sporting goods store


Victoria, British Columbia — An owner of a sportswear shop in Victoria, B.C. was in for a rude awakening last weekend after discovering a Chevy Trailblazer crashed through his storefront window.

Phil Nichols owns the 2:18 Run, a sporting goods store focusing on footwear and athletic apparel, and he was working last Monday afternoon when he felt the whole building shake.

“At first I really thought there was some kind of crazy earthquake happening,” said Nicholls. “Then came the glass smashing. That was the sound. There was no one in the store, thank heavens.”

“The bigger problem was the building,” he said. “They’ll have to redo the whole wall.”

With shards of glass and debris everywhere, Victoria police are investigating why the crash happened.

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