Did Episode 3 of ‘Loki’ Hint at Guardians of the Galaxy?


Loki’s third episode gave fans way more info on Lady Loki (AKA Sylvie) and expanded on the background of the TVA. All this helped to create some new theories on the future of the show, and even the MCU at large, according to a new video from YouTube channel Everything Always.

First, the episode is called “Lamentis,” presumably because it’s where Loki and Sylvie teleport and avoid the TVA. However, comic fans may realize that Lamentis is also a planet from Annihilation Conquest #1, a series involving Peter Quill of Guardians of the Galaxy and Quasar, a superhero with powers similar to Captain Marvel.

With the reference to Lamentis, it could be the MCU is looking to create a second iteration of Guardians of the Galaxy, which includes Quill, Quasar, and Drax’s daughter, Moondragon. The planet also exists on the outskirts of the Kree Empire, so it could return in future Captain Marvel projects (Remember—Carol Danvers thought she was a Kree for a while). But back to the episode.

Loki and Sylvie are stuck on Lamentis until they can get a TemPad charged. But viewers may want to hold a little doubt for everything they see. Not only is there one God of Mischief now, but (presumably) two. And at least one has the power to create simulations in other’s minds. The entire scenario could be Sylvie’s creation to get more information out of Loki. Or for a more elaborate trick, Loki could be tricking Sylvie.

After Sylvie falls asleep on the Ark meant to escape the planet, she wakes up and finds Loki singing and dancing with the crew and belting out an Asgardian tune. But wait. Lamentis isn’t exactly Asgard, so how do the others know what to sing and play on their instruments? It’s one of the possible tells in the episode which hints that Loki may already know how to enchant people, and is actually playing Sylvie. The TemPad could be charged and in good condition this whole time, but Loki is hiding it to learn more about Sylvie and the TVA for his own benefit. Even when the device is shown as broken, Loki could easily create an illusion, making Sylvie believe they’re stuck when he’s had the way out the whole time. In the fourth episode, he may reveal his little trick and poof! We’re back in the TVA.

Toward the end of the episode, Sylvie and Loki are thrown from the train and land back on Lamentis. As structures fall and chaos looms, a building nearly falls on the two, but Loki lifts it and tosses it in the other direction. Some fans believe this was evidence of Loki using a Time Stone. Back in the first episode, Loki discovered a desk full of Infinity Stones. It’s not clear whether or not he put the one he was holding back in the drawer, so perhaps he pocketed untapped power we have yet to see? Everything Always doubts this theory, but says since Loki is a powerful god with knowledge of the stones, its not entirely out of line.

If there is any real deception afoot, viewers have the second half of the series to find out. Don’t forget to tune in next week. There’s still Time Keepers to meet, a likely Kang the Conqueror introduction, and hints to future MCU projects.

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