WCHC Physician Gives Health Tips for Men’s Health Month | KCII Radio


The month of June not only marks the beginning of summer but also Men’s Health Month. 

Dr. David Kuhns of Washington County Hospital and Clinics says no matter your age, keeping a constant eye on your health and maintaining good health practices are very important. When meeting with a physician, different concerns and topics can be discussed depending on your age and family history.  Kuhns says that screening for cholesterol and diabetes should start around age 35, while screenings for colon and prostate cancer along with getting the shingles vaccine should start at age 45. Common questions that men have coming into a meeting with their physician can revolve around healthy eating with a busy work schedule, planning out your diet and checking your mental health. Kuhns gives some tips on how men can help prevent serious health issues in the future.

“Men will do themselves a great favor in maintaining a healthy weight and keeping from smoking. It is difficult to maintain a healthy diet and that sort of thing with the way that work life is. Making adjustments to diet and opportunities for regular exercise where possible are going to bear the greatest dividend.”

Depending on age, Dr. Kuhns recommends that men should make a trip to see their physician every one to two years. Past the age of 35 to 40, making a yearly trip will help keep a closer eye on weight, blood pressure and possible vaccine needs.


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