The 7 Best Lat Pulldown Bars for Your Back Workouts and Home Gym


One of the best workouts you can do for your back, abs, shoulders and arms is the lat pulldown. It’s part of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s back workout and The Rock’s back workout. And for good reason.

“It is a movement, especially on a machine, where you can go heavy, and that creates a lot of total-body growth stimulus,” Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel C.S.C.S., previously shared. (Here are 10 of the best lat workouts to build a massive back.)

And while there are plenty of other exercises you can do to grow your back (like incline rows, pullups, plank pulls and resistance band work), being able to load some serious weight on a cable machine can help you build serious strength. If you’re new to the lat pulldown, try the kneeling lat pulldown with a resistance band. And once you nail that, you include variations like close-grip and wide-grip lat pulldowns to target different muscles even further, according to Samuel. “You may find yourself underestimating this exercise because ‘resistance band.’ Don’t do that.”

And whether you have a home gym with a cable machine or you just want to bring your own lat bar with you to the the gym because you don’t like what they have available, investing in a lat pulldown bar is a no-brainer.

Check out our picks for seven of the best available for your back day workouts and get ready to get pulling.

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CAP Barbell Lat Pull Machine Bar

This solid steel bar has a sleek black finish and diamond knurling for a better grip during your workout. It has a width of 48 inches (a.k.a. 4 feet), so you can get an expansive pulldown. 

CRGHS Curved Lat Pulldown Bar

This curved lat pulldown bar is a 360-degree rotating bar that is 30 inches in length. It has anti-skid textured rubber grip on the narrow and wide parts of the bar so you don’t have to worry about any slipping mid-rep.

WNOEY Lat Pulldown Bar

This adjustable lat pulldown bar can be attached to weight with a pulley in the middle or on ends of each bar. It has a width of 18 inches, with attachment bars that extend it to 40 inches, and can hold up to 800 pounds of weight.

allbingo Pro Lat Pulldown

This pulldown bar has 3 separate sets of rubber grips (narrow, medium an wide) for extra grip when you switch up your width grip. It’s also on the longer side at 46 inches.

Mbotnee Lat Pulldown Bar

This 33 inch wide pulldown bar is made of steel and coated in anti-rust chrome plating. It has an extra-cushioned bar that’s wrapped in EVA rubber coating on the entire bar, so you get comfort wherever your grip falls.

BalanceFrom Cable Machine Attachments 5-Piece Combo



Whatever width you’re looking for in a lat pulldown bar, this set from BalanceFrom has it. It has 5 pieces that are coated in rubber for extra grip, and easily attach to any cable machines.

Ulalov Lat Pulldown Bar with Handles

This sturdy, solid steel lat pulldown bar is set apart thanks to the handles. It has a rubber grip on the handles and bar, and can withstand up to 880 pounds of weight. As for dimensions, it is 27 inches wide, and also rotates 360-degrees.

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