Health Minister claims Pfizer stocks drying up as Queenslanders shun AstraZeneca


Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath has called upon the federal government for more Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines amid changes to advice for who should receive AstraZeneca. 

“The anecdotal evidence now, particularly in Queensland, is that people want Pfizer,” Neil Breen said.

Neil received word from a southside GP clinic which, after receiving numerous cancellations, vaccinated just 20 people with AstraZeneca yesterday.

He’s also heard from listeners people aged over 60 are walking into hubs and are readily offered Pfizer despite being in the recommended age bracket for AstraZeneca.

“We know that over 60s and under 40s are walking in and getting Pfizer doses.

“If you want Pfizer, you’ll get it in Queensland – that’s what I’m saying.”

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“It’s no question the change made last week, while I think it’s a positive thing, it demonstrates the strength of our monitoring, … I think it has caused some increased confusion and concern out there,” infectious diseases expert Paul Griffin told Neil.

But Dr Griffin said even with younger people, the benefits of AstraZeneca still outweigh the risks.

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Image: Nine News 

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