Doctors urge men to get routine screens for Men’s Health Month


June is Men’s Health Month, and local doctors are urging men to put their health first and go get checked out. 

They say anytime there’s something bothering you, you should bring it up to your doctor, but this month should also serve as a reminder to get routine screenings done. 

Indiana University Medical Director of Male Sexual and Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Helen L. Bernie says when it comes to health, it’s important to take initiative. 

“You are important. Take control of your health. Go see your primary care doctor or go see your urologist and go get things checked out,” said Dr. Bernie. 

“They’ll do a blood pressure screening. They’ll check your lab work. They’ll check your sugars to rule out diabetes. Mental health is also so very, very important.” 

The earlier you catch things the better, and these screenings are a key way to find things. 

Regular appointments can find mental and physical health issues. While yearly exams can keep men on a positive heart journey through diet, and exercise. 

Doctors say men in their mid-20s should act now to ensure a healthier life for years to come. 

Doctors recommend things like bloodwork to check cholesterol and blood sugar levels because they can identify issues early and allow doctors to intervene. 

Dr. Bernie says your doctor should screen for things including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, colon cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer. 

“The earlier we can catch something, the easier it is to help fix and repair anything,” said Dr. Bernie. 

“I think that’s another reason why men, and women in general, maybe scared to come to the doctor. They’re so scared that something is going to be wrong. But the good news is we have so many wonderful ways to do preventative medicine.” 

Those preventative things can include lifestyle and diet changes, being put on medicine or even surgery if things are more serious. 

People should always feel comfortable with their doctor regardless of their gender. So, if you’re not comfortable, try and schedule another appointment with another doctor. 

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