This Fan Theory Suggests Loki Didn’t Actually Die in Infinity War


Just as many fans suspected, episode 2 of Loki revealed that the mysterious hooded figure who has been preying on TVA agents, assumed to be a Loki variant, is actually a woman (Sophia Di Martino), assumed to be Lady Loki, a female version of the character from the comics. But that just opens up even more questions. For example, if the Loki played by Tom Hiddleston is from the 2012 Avengers era of the MCU, and we know that his main timeline self went on to be killed in Infinity War… where does Lady Loki come from?

In a new video breaking down the events of “The Variant”, YouTuber Ben Carlin posits a theory which may go some way towards explaining Lady Loki’s presence on the show. And it starts at the end: with Loki’s death at the hands of Thanos.

As the episode established, Lady Loki was able to evade capture by the TVA by hiding in “apocalypses”: cataclysmic events where an interloper would have next to no impact on the timeline. The episode also clarified one of Loki’s super-powers: the ability to create an exact duplicate of himself.

Carlin speculates that the Loki we saw being murdered by Thanos in that brutal opening scene of Infinity War was, in fact, a duplicate. Which would certainly be in keeping with the MCU’s most incorrigible trickster. What’s more, Carlin suggests that the Asgardians’ spaceship getting obliterated by the Space Stone might be just enough destruction to count as an apocalypse, meaning the real Loki may have been able to slip away undetected by the TVA.

From there, it would be easy enough for him to disguise himself by shapeshifting into a completely different person. And, as it’s Marvel canon that the character is gender-fluid, Loki could become a woman.

It’s actually a pretty straightforward explanation, in a circuitous, timey-wimey kind of way. But from what we’ve seen of the Disney+ show so far, it’s likely that the story which unfolds will have a couple more twists and turns.

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