Peleton Exercise Bikes Vulnerable to Malware Attacks; Hackers Can Spy on Riders Through Webcams


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For users of Peloton exercise equipment, there are new concerns in store. In addition to the recall last month of some of its treadmills following reports of over 70 injuries and the death of a six year old child, now it appears that user privacy is being compromised due to hacking.

The McAfee software security company has issued a report that says that Peloton bikes are vulnerable to malware attacks that could enable hackers to spy on riders through their webcams. NPR reported that the report that was released on Wednesday said that “hackers with direct access to Peloton bikes can gain control of the camera and microphone and can monitor users. The attackers can also add apps disguised as Netflix and Spotify to encourage users to input login credentials for later malicious use.”

The report indicated that a hacker could enter a gym and insert a tiny USB key into the bikes that would give a criminal remote access to the rider’s personal information, as was reported in the NY Post.

“An unsuspecting gym-goer taking the Peloton Bike+ for a spin could be in danger of having their personal data compromised and their workout unknowingly watched,” according to the report.

McAfee said that hackers could install these USBs anywhere in the supply chain, from construction to delivery, which would put consumers who own the Peleton bikes at risk as well, as was reported in the Post.

In March of this year, McAfee notified Peloton of the security issue, according to an NPR report. Adrian Stone, the head of global information security for Peleton said, “We pushed a mandatory update in early June.”

In a statement to the media, Peloton said that the equipment isn’t available in public spaces, like gyms, where they’re vulnerable to the bug, as was reported by NPR.

The Post reported that Peloton’s own security and compliance page warns that “no matter how much effort we put into system security, there can still be vulnerabilities present.”

In a blog post on Wednesday, Peleton expressed its thanks to  McAfee for “discovering” the problem “and for keeping it confidential to help keep our Members safe until we implemented a fix.”

Peleton said it has addressed the issue and that consumers would be prompted to update their software which would include a fix to the problem, according to the blog post.

The NY Post reported that President Biden warned bot to bring his favorite exercise bicycle to the White House because hackers might be able to view him and access information during his workouts.

During the coronavirus Peloton’s sales soared through the roof as gyms were closed and group settings for fitness were prohibited. Despite the hefty price tag for their equipment, those who wanted home exercise equipment bought Peleton bikes at $1900 a shot and laid out upwards of $4000 for treadmills.  According to the NPR report, last year, Peloton’s revenue doubled to $1.8 billion.












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