5 mistakes left unattended in GTA San Andreas


For some fans of GTA San Andreas, the game lives in a near state of perfection. However, there are slight imperfections here and there.

For one reason or another, the development team at Rockstar Games left behind a few mistakes, mostly harmless, but with a few notable exceptions. GTA players may infer one of two things: Rockstar either didn’t implement something correctly or forgot to take out a beta element before launch.

GTA San Andreas is an awesome gameplay experience from start to finish. Even if some of these mistakes were fixed, most players would never notice. Nonetheless, it’s always fun to discover something new in such an old game.

It’s not perfect, but San Andreas is great enough to where it doesn’t even matter.

Five unattended mistakes in GTA San Andreas

5) Unmarked Pay ‘N’ Spray

Somewhere in Las Venturas, players can find a Pay ‘N’ Spray north of the Camel’s Toe casino. Notably, it’s never marked on the in-game map, and they can easily miss this location without even realizing it. Sometimes, GTA gamers may also fall through the ground due to a glitch.

Notably, the camera follows the player inside the garage. The use of a Pay ‘N’ Spray usually involves a cinematic viewpoint of the outside. If players don’t fall below the ground level, their vehicle will be successfully resprayed.

The unmarked Pay ‘N’ Spray is only available in the original versions of the game. Rockstar decided to make the area inaccessible upon later releases, such as the versions found on PC and Xbox. It didn’t bother fixing the groundless glitch, instead opting to prevent the door from opening.

4) Gym equipment textures

GTA players may have noticed the golden textures for the gym equipment in San Andreas (original version only). It certainly stands out given how badly it contrasts with the surroundings, and this was not an intentional design choice by Rockstar.

There was a bug that caused the weights and dumbbells to use textures from wooden boxes. Players can use a sniper rifle to confirm it’s from Cherry Poppers, an ice cream company from Vice City that sells drugs secretly. They can find a recognizable logo if they zoom in with the long-range scope.

3) Beta parachute in Flight School

Mike Toreno tasks CJ to undergo Flight School so he can learn how to fly. GTA players should know the parachutes in San Andreas are yellow and orange. However, the training videos in Flight School show a completely different color, which is blue-gray and purple. It also has a slightly different shape altogether.

Curiously, it seems like Rockstar went through the effort to record the training videos before they finalized the parachute color. The one seen in the Flight School is from the beta version of San Andreas.

It’s an interesting time capsule for the developmental stages of this game, especially for beta enthusiasts.

2) Gym feature disabled via glitch

This is a detrimental mistake that causes players to no longer gain access to the gym. Typically, they can work out until they reach a specific limit, as GTA San Andreas uses a hidden counter with a calendar system to track everything. The problem is it only accounts for dates on each day, not each year.

Suppose CJ works out on June 18th and does so again the following year. Without in-game years taken into account, the game mistakenly thinks CJ already worked out for that particular day. They now have to play around with the clock to avoid this glitch or use a different save file.

There are ways to circumvent this pesky issue, but it can be inconvenient for long-time GTA players who want to maintain a muscular physique.

1) Cluckin’ Bell sells Burger Shot

Big Smoke certainly left a memorable impression in the minds of GTA players. His absurd order from the mission Drive-Thru brings to mind Bubble Bass from Spongebob Squarepants, given its instantly quotable lines. Several food-based channels even covered this subject matter, such as how big the order was.

However, it turns out Big Smoke didn’t get the order he wanted. If players go to the Cluckin’ Bell drive-thru, they should look closely at Ryder during the cut-scene. They will find him holding a greasy bag from Burger Shot, a completely different fast food joint. That certainly wasn’t a large number nine order.

It’s an easy-to-miss detail that most GTA players wouldn’t even notice the first time. Rockstar used the wrong textures by accident or didn’t think gamers would pay attention to such minuscule details.

At the very least, it’s interesting to think about, as nobody goes to Burger King to order a Whopper.

Note: This article reflects the writer’s personal views.

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