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Football lovers like to get foosball game for their home because they can enjoy this sport with their friends and family. Compact in size, these foosball games give you a fun-filled experience of soccer with these tabletop versions. You can excel in your shooting skills, goalie blocks, 360-degree spins, and more by playing foosball. Additionally, this foosball game is typically easy to store and carry.

So, if you are looking for foosball games, check out some of the popular purchase options available online in India:

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Get this foosball table from Kemfye that comes in the ‎69 x 36 x 24 cm dimension and is made using high-grade wood. This foosball table game is appreciated for its compact and space-saving construction. In addition to this, the offered foosball game is easy to assemble and comes with 2 balls. With low table height, this foosball game can be enjoyed by players of all age groups.
Price: Rs 3,299.

Purchase this foosball table from BOOT BOY that is manufactured using CARB certified MDF engineered wood. Versed with salt-tested steel rods to ensure smooth sliding and easy rotation, this foosball table is appreciated for its wear-resistant nature and rustproof texture. Available with 2 cup holders, this foosball table comes with 4 strong legs that are available with a non-slip adjustable footing. This product is available in the 121.92 x 60.96 x 85.09 cm dimension and weighs around 38 kgs.
Price: Rs 24,999.

Don’t miss out on this mid-sized foosball from Cable World that comes in the ‎51.9 x 31.8 x 8.9 cm dimension and weighs around 1.94 kgs. This foosball game is available with 360°rotated built-in soccer figures, 4 rows, 3 players each row, and 2 rows for each team. In addition to this, the offered product is easy to assemble and is appreciated for its superior performance, compact size, and long shelf life.
Price: Rs 1,699.

For hardcore foosball lovers, this table from Play in The City is an excellent option to go with. This foosball table comes with 2 cup holders is available in the 55 x 31.5 x 34.5 inches dimension. Manufactured using first-string wood, this foosball game is known for its scratch resistance, long shelf life, and silver glossy chrome finish. This foosball game comes with strong square legs that are designed using stainless steel. Available in black color, this product comes in the 137 x 86 x 76 cm dimension.
Price: Rs 33,900.

This mid-sized foosball from Prime Deals comes in 20 inches in size and in green color. The offered foosball game is easy to assemble and is known for its 360°rotated built-in soccer figures. Available with 4 rows, 3 players each row, and 2 rows for each team, the offered foosball game comes in the 25.01 x 12.8 x 9.5 cm dimension and weighs around 1.84 grams.
Price: Rs 1,689.

Enjoy the biggest soccer rivalry in the world by getting this stupendous foosball table from Step Over. This foosball table is manufactured using top-notch wood, which ensures its smooth pine laminate finish, durable construction, and retro appearance. Along with this, the offered foosball table comes with integrated goal counters & non-slip feet. Available with 2 mini footballs, this product comes with ergonomic non-slip handles.
Price: Rs 13,499.

Check out this foosball table from Fieldsheer that comes in natural wood color. Available in the 121.9 x 61 x 81.3 cm dimension, this foosball table game is made using first-grade MDF engineered wood. Moreover, the offered foosball table is known for its solid square construction to enhance stability. Available with 2 cup holders, this foosball table is appreciated for its glossy chrome finish and hollow steel rods.
Price: Rs 18,999.

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