Men’s Health Week 2021: Ballarat’s ‘Mr Perfect’ fires up barbecue for chat | The Courier


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JUSTIN Thompson’s Mr Perfect barbecues are starting to capture attention in Ballarat. On the first Sunday of the month, Mr Thompson fires up the barbie near the North Gardens to generate discussion – not so much about the snags but general well-being. The free sausage sizzle is one of about 40 Australia-wide for men of all ages to call by for a chat. Mr Perfect barbecues are a chance to find more details for help in a range of men’s health issues from gambling to depression – or just for some friendly company. Ballarat host Mr Thompson cooked up his second event on Sunday, delayed by a week due to COVID-19 restrictions but proving a timely lead-in to national Men’s Health Week. Mr Thompson, who works in Geelong, heard about the grassroots charity from a colleague and thought it a great way to give back to own community. He called on a couple of friends and got cooking. “None of us are mental health professionals but we can create a positive environment and support – and nobody loves anything more than a free barbecue,” Mr Thompson said. “The biggest issue we have is when people see it on social media, in the comfort of their own home, they will indicate they’re interested but it’s hard to really get out of your comfort zone on the day.” IN OTHER NEWS Mr Thompson encourages men to arrive with a mate. Mr Perfect events, which started in New South Wales, promote small group numbers to ensure guests feel more at ease and included. Ballarat’s Mr Perfect barbecue started last month. For resources and more details, find events on Facebook or


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