Celebrating Men’s Health Month, by Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford


June is Men’s Health Month, and with Father’s Day right around the corner, it is time to check in on the health of the men in our lives. Although regular checkups, physicals and trips to physicians when feeling ill are important factors, starting at home is the easiest way to ensure good health. 

Dr. Hady Lichaa, an interventional cardiologist at Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford, is dedicated to providing resources to keep the community healthy.

Dr. Lichaa stated, “I always suggest my patients take the time to focus on their health on their own time,” said Dr. Lichaa. “Too often, patients come in during the late stages of health issues, when they could be improving their health at home before the issue increases. Diet and exercise are the first two steps to success.”

Check out the video below with Dr. Lichaa and his sons to learn about one of their favorite heart-healthy meal suggestions: 


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