Solon: How Covid changed fitness


Covid-19 has virtually changed everything about how we live our lives. Education has adapted massively, so have other sectors in our community. The same is true with fitness. As creatures of habit, we seldom like change. We like keeping things the way they are. Covid forced a lot of changes in the fitness industry, some because of the limitations of our situation, but some changes are going to be here to stay.

Here are some ways I think Covid has re-imagined fitness:

Virtual training is here to stay

When the pandemic started, I was not a fan of training in a virtual manner. After a few sessions working with clients through this medium, I realized I was wrong. Virtual training is one of the most efficient methods for training. Come to think of it, we are able to train in the comfort of our homes and there’s no need to be exposed to traffic. The time saved is enormous! For introverts like myself who do not miss the social aspect of training with other people at the gym, virtual training is here to stay!

App-based programs with or without equipment

For those who like spinning classes, workouts with the Peloton bike could be just as great at home. Peloton ships out a bike to your home as you subscribe to its program. You can choose what class to choose when you’re under the app. Years ago, we could not think of this as possible. Peloton is one of the most successful companies in the fitness industry as it has “re-imagined” classes at home. Peloton is not the only example, though. You also have Les Mills and a bunch of other apps that help one with fitness. A site called also allows you to choose programs from different coaches. This allows coaches to monetize the programs they make and for the consumers to select different programs.

Home gyms could be key

Fitness equipment distributors have been making a killing the past year with fitness equipment flying off the shelves and dumbells, bars and plates selling like hotcakes. For those who have the space for it and the resources, a home gym can be a good investment in our health. Again, it boils down to how much time we are able to save and train in the comfort of our homes.

Finding ways to do workout outside is important

I see more people walking outdoors nowadays. It’s fun to see people and their dogs going out for a walk. Going outside has also been shown to be good for our mental health. It also highlights how little space we have in our city to be outdoors. Perhaps urban planners should take this into consideration for the future.

At some point, I think gyms will be fully open with little restrictions. In my opinion, this can happen when the population has achieved herd immunity from Covid and when its variants are sufficiently under control. The changes in the fitness industry seem to be exciting and they look like they are here to stay.

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