Reopening gyms the ‘solution’ to addressing lockdown mental health crisis


For all the talk about addressing mental health, it’s “mindboggling” that gyms are the first to close when governments force states into lockdown, says Enterprise Fitness General Manager David Ottobre.

Current public health provisions in Victoria list exercise as one of five reasons residents are permitted to leave their homes.

Despite this, Mr Ottobre says gyms are places that promote positive health and wellbeing and has urged governments at all levels to see the health and fitness industry as part of the solution to the mental health crisis.

“It’s always been pretty mind boggling to me since all these lockdowns started that we’ve missed out every time, and we were the last to open,” he told Sky News.

“The government, both federal and state, talk about mental health budgets and helping with mental health – I think what would be great for that is letting a business like ours get our doors back open.

“For a lot of people, we are that community in their life, we are what they look to for that positive health and wellbeing in their life so when we have to shut our doors every time, I see the pain it causes.

“I would say to any of the politicians, whether it be federal or state: come and listen to us and see what we do; I think we’re part of the solution, we’re certainly not the problem.”

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