The Dopest Vehicles I Found For Sale Online


Another week means another entry into our series featuring the sweet cars we found for sale online.

To compile this list, I search as much of Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist as I can for interesting vehicles that don’t cost a lot. They may be hilariously unreliable, remarkably unique, questionably tuned, or maybe something else that stops me in my tracks. Prices for some particular cars are trending higher due to the pandemic and chip shortage, but I think some good deals are still out there.

1994 Suzuki Cappuccino – $US10,000 ($12,826)

Photo: Facebook Marketplace, Other

Here’s a sporty kei car that is a bit different from the rest. The exterior of this Suzuki Cappuccino is nothing too crazy. It’s painted green with a white wrap on top and Suzuki Forenza wheels that fill the wells. But check out the custom interior on this. The space doughnut design is awesome and the interior looks like a nicer place than your typical ’90s kei car.

Photo: Facebook Marketplace, Other

It’s $10,000 on Facebook Marketplace in Des Plaines, Illinois, with 144,841 km.

1969 Bremen Maxi Taxi – $US6,900 ($8,850)

Photo: Facebook Marketplace, Other

According to Fiberclassics, Bremen was a kit car company based out of Indiana that combined Volkswagen drivetrains with fibreglass bodies. One of those creations is this Maxi Taxi. Unlike similar buggies like the Meyers Manx, this has doors. It appears to be in good shape and comes with some new parts. The 1600cc VW engine and manual transmission are said to work great.

It’s $6,900 on Facebook Marketplace in Livonia, Michigan.

1965 Chrysler New Yorker – $US8,500 ($10,902)

Photo: Facebook Marketplace, Other

Here’s a classic car that looks great on the boulevard or out in the country. This Chrysler New Yorker looks to be in solid shape and has some decent firepower under the hood to back it up. The seller says that this car has a 1966 7.2-litre V8. This engine is good for about 360 HP, or more than enough power for some fun.

It’s $8,500 on Facebook Marketplace in Dayton, Ohio.

2008 Victory Vision Deluxe – $US4,500 ($5,772)

Photo: Facebook Marketplace, Other

Victory was Polaris’ take on American motorcycles before it brought back Indian. The Vision looks like no other motorcycle on the road. Despite its age, it looks like something that could have launched yesterday.

Victory is no longer around, but these bikes hold their value surprisingly well. This one’s the cheapest Vision I’ve seen and it’s said to run and ride as it should. It has boat speakers, heated seats, air suspension and cruise control. Sounds like this thing is ready for a road trip.

It’s $4,500 on Facebook Marketplace in Brownsburg, Indiana, with 74,030 km.

1994 Mitsubishi RVR Sports Gear – $US9,999 ($12,825)

Photo: Duncan Imports, Other

The Mitsubishi Recreation Vehicle Runner (RVR) is a small MPV with a few tricks up its sleeve. It has a sliding door, curtains, four-wheel-drive, brush guard, a diesel engine and even a spare tire on the back. This is a small car that’ll go just about anywhere you want it to and comes finished in a fantastic teal.

It’s $9,999 on Facebook Marketplace being sold by the cool people of Duncan Imports in Nashville, Tennessee.

2005 Saab 9-2X Aero – $US6,500 ($8,337)

Photo: Facebook Marketplace, Other

This week’s enthusiast car is the car affectionately known as the Saabaru. And this isn’t any Saab 9-2X, but it’s the 9-2X Aero! It has the same 227 HP turbo flat-four and five-speed manual from the Subaru WRX, but comes with the sleek face of a Saab. The 9-2X Aero has various upgrades over the WRX it shares a body with like better seals, improved insulation, the steering rack from the STi and more.

This example is clean and has 177,028 km on its odometer. It’s on Facebook Marketplace in Lyons, Illinois, for $6,500.

1960 Vespa GS150 – $US5,300 ($6,798)

Photo: Facebook Marketplace, Other

Old-school scooters can be an absolute riot to ride. This Vespa GS150 has a two-stroke engine, manual transmission and those beautiful classic Vespa lines. It’s not in perfect shape, but I bet all of those bumps and scrapes have a story behind them. These are just fast enough to hit highway speed, too!

The GS150 is $5,300 on Facebook Marketplace in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

2008 Spartan Fire Truck Chassis – $US24,000 ($30,782)

Photo: Facebook Marketplace, Other

This one is a lot outside the normal price range for this series, but a reader sent it in and I immediately fell in love. Want a weird toy hauler or base for a toterhome? Here’s a fire truck chassis! Built by Spartan Emergency Response, it has a Cummins ISL straight-six turbodiesel making 400 HP and it’s paired to an Allison transmission. It seats six and has 4.88 m of frame from the back of the cab for you to do anything you want with.

Make it into a toy hauler, make it into an RV or heck, make it into a ridiculous off-roader. At $24,000 in Chandler, Arizona, on Facebook Marketplace with 233,355 km, it’s the most expensive vehicle I’ve featured yet.

Hat tip to Jeff!

2006 Volkswagen GTI – $US3,700 ($4,746)

Photo: Craigslist, Other

The last vehicle on this list is a cheap VW GTI with plaid seats, high-mileage and weird wheels, but a clean body. We love the GTI around these parts for being an awesome all-round hot hatch. The GTI of this year made 180 HP or 200 HP depending on the engine, but the seller doesn’t indicate which is under the hood.

It’s $3,700 on Craigslist in North Hills, California, with 281,635 km.

That’s it for this week! Have you purchased a car from one of these posts? If so, I want to know.

If you now of a weird car for sale on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, drop it down in the comments or send it along in an email! If the car’s still for sale, we may feature it on a future post.

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