Keep It Cleaner app’s Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith launch new exercise class


Finally a workout that brings all the strength and mindfulness benefits of Pilates and mixes them in with cardio. Sign us up.

What’s not to love about traditional Pilates? The slow, steady and repetitive movements are an incredible way to strengthen and lengthen your muscles, leaving you feeling centered, balanced and more intune with your body. But, if you’re anything like me, and crave an energising high intensity workout, you need to get Cardio Pilates on your radar!

Developed by Keep it Cleaner’s expert Pilates Instructor and Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Mari Yammas, Cardio Pilates combines the intelligent movements of a typical Pilates class, with the intensity of a HIIT workout, so, get ready to sweat!

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Cardio Pilates offers all the benefits of a strength Pilates class and more!

It works and challenges your entire body, even the tiny muscles we didn’t even know we had! By introducing movements like mountain climbers and star jumps, the intensity dial is cranked up a notch, meaning you get even more out of your workout!

Here’s why I recommend getting Cardio Pilates on your radar:

Strength meets cardio

As a hybrid of HIIT and Pilates, Cardio Pilates really is the best of both worlds! After each workout I not only feel stronger but energised thanks to the introduction of cardio-based movements.

Short & sweet

I love working out in the mornings before I head to the office (when I’m not in lockdown!), but this means that I have a limited time to complete my workouts. In just 20 minutes, a Cardio Pilates session will challenge my entire body and really get my heart pumping. It’s one of my favourite ways to start the day.

Mindful movements

There is so much more to Pilates than the physical benefits. By focusing on each movement I am able to take myself out of my busy mind, and into the present moment. The mental clarity and energy boost I get from even one class is just so powerful.

Mixing things up!

I love introducing new workouts to my routine. To me, it’s such a key way to stay motivated. Cardio Pilates is a new, fun way to challenge my body, and my mind. I just can’t get enough of it at the moment!

Cardio Pilates will be dropping in the KIC app this Monday, 7th of June. To enjoy a 7 day free trial head to Laura Henshaw is the co-founder of Keep It Cleaner.

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