Disillusioned With Lack Of Prevention In Budget And Sick Care System, Health Coach Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands.


Samantha McBride is a Men’s Health and Wellbeing coach
and passionate about people creating health not sickness.
She was keen to see some more preventative measures towards
health outlined in the budget, but it was no surprise that
it is still not present with our spend still focussed on
fixing problems, not creating solutions, within our sick
care system.

In her own experience she is keen to see
a more proactive health care system that focuses on getting
the individual to understand better how to look after
themselves, rather than rely on the system to fix them once

She has been involved in establishing the
Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association, as she
feels coaching is an extremely useful tool to help create
positive and meaningful behaviour change in individuals. The
issue is there are no guidelines around what qualifications
you require to be a part of that system and so as a means to
support coaches, define some industry standards and grow
awareness of the profession, hcanza.org was established and
now has over 100 members.

Men’s Health is her passion
and she feels strongly that the wrong health messages are
getting out there. It is not ALL about what we eat, how we
move and taking a pill to fix problems, health changes start
and are helped way earlier than that, by building
communities of people that support each other in becoming
more healthy.

Because of this, after running her
own Building Better Blokes meetings and watching Match Fit
on TV, she decided that she could bring all these elements
together in the Men’s Muster in Te Anau, a town really
suffering post COVID, in June. She has been humbled by the
time and energy people have given her to get the Muster
going, from some amazing local supporters to the likes of
Men’s Health Week and Sir Graham Henry.

It is unusual
to have an event, defined as a health event which is really
more about bringing guys together to have fun, offering
camaraderie and competition, and the chance to go home with
some positive health messages under their belt.

hopes it will be a model that can be repeated every year,
and possibly in other areas as well, changes in health
should be fun, in alignment with an individuals values and
beliefs and be more about adding good stuff into our lives
than denial. She hopes that by creating communities that
look at health this way, as well as growing awareness of
coaches to help guide people to find their own journeys to
health, the long term rewards on our health care system
could be phenomenal.

The Men’s Muster is to take place
in Te Anau, 17-19th June, early registrations

“Men’s Health Week is
recognised around the world each June, serving as an annual
reminder that we’re not invincible, we don’t have all
the answers and, really, our health is as much owned by
those we love as by

Mark Sainsbury
& Tim Greene

Men’s Health Week NZ

Find us at (www.mensmuster.com) or on

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