Best Memorial Day Treadmill Deals and Sales for 2021


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Happy Memorial Day. If you’ve been waiting for Memorial Day treadmill deals, now’s the time to start shopping for bargains. Memorial Day sales may not be as extreme as on Prime Day, but the deals are definitely enticing. This year’s Memorial Day treadmill sales are especially appealing since last year treadmill deals were almost impossible to find because of the incredible pandemic-related demand for all types of home exercise equipment.

Best Memorial Day Treadmill Deals

Should You Shop the Memorial Day Treadmill Sales?

It’s all about timing. If you need (or just really want) a new treadmill immediately, today’s Memorial Day treadmill deals featuring some of the best treadmills are tempting and ready for you to purchase. However, if you can hold off just a few weeks, Prime Day 2021 is coming soon. This year’s Prime Day deals will be astounding for some of the same reasons the Memorial Day treadmill sales are so attractive.

You may get a jump on Prime Day with Memorial Day treadmill deals because manufacturer production slowed or shut down last year and now pretty much all manufacturers are pushing production to maximum capacity. Retailer and manufacturer direct sales sites alike found themselves with unprecedented demand in  2020, at the same time that inventories were flying off shelves and warehouse floors. Every time pandemic stimulus checks went out sales of all products increased.

So treadmill manufacturers keep building treadmills as fast as they can and buyer demand lessens in part because many customers already bought a new treadmill and others may decide to go back to the gym now that COVID-19 restrictions are loosening and in some states disappearing altogether.

So you know what happens when supply is high and demand is low — prices drop. For that simple but basic reason, this year’s Memorial Day treadmill sales may be the best ever.

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