A Stylist Shared Some Early Signs You Might Be Going Bald


Hair loss is something that affects a large number of men, and the realization that your hair is thinning or receding can often be a source of great panic and insecurity. In a recent video, YouTuber Stephen, aka The Salon Guy, breaks down some of the warning signs that you might be balding.

One of the key indicators of baldness is if you start to see a specific area of your hair starting to thin, and you can see more of the scalp. This can start in the corners of your hairline at the front, or at the back of the head. A lot of the time, a bald spot can occur towards the back, at the crown.

“If it’s happening in just one area and nowhere else, that could be the pattern of how you’re losing it,” says Stephen. “It may just be how your hair is. It could be that your hairline has always gone back at the corners… But if you are starting to see a bald spot get wider and wider, you’re seeing less density, then there’s a chance you could be losing your hair.”

If you have noticed a visible change over time—in the space of a year, for instance—then it is possible that you are losing hair. This can be due to a number of reasons, with genetics near the top of the list, says Stephen; if there is a history of hair loss or baldness on either side of your family, then it may be inevitable.

“It does stink, but it’s going to happen. It’s part of nature,” he says. “And yes, you can try to use things to help prevent it, using products for hair loss can come in handy, there’s prescription medications for it… or you can embrace it and shave your head. It really depends on you.”

However, it is possible that what you see as a sign of hair loss could in fact be something else entirely; for example, Stephen advises to not freak out too much if you can see your scalp where your hair parts naturally, as that is the case with most people.

“Just because you have a hairline that goes back a little bit in the corners naturally does not mean you’re losing your hair,” he says. “Or maybe if your hair is on the finer side, doesn’t mean you’re losing your hair. Or if you’re brushing it and clumps are coming out, it could mean something is going on, but it could also be that your hair is so thick, you’re not using the right technique, and that could be causing more hair to break off.”

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